Piedmont is a small charter city in the Oakland Hills overlooking the Bay. Surrounded on all sides by the city of Oakland, the population is around 11,000, and the community is primarily residential and almost exclusively single family.

The city is named after the Piedmont region in Italy, and translates to foothill. It was incorporated in 1907, and enjoyed major development in the 1920s and 30s, including the institution of the highly-regarded Piedmont Unified School District, which includes three elementary, one middle, and two high schools.

Though Piedmont provides most of its own infrastructure, some services are shared with Oakland because of the geographic convenience. It is bordered to the northwest by Oakland’s Piedmont Avenue commercial district; the historic Grand Lake District (Lakeshore and Grand Avenue commercial districts) to the west; Rockridge to the northeast; Montclair to the east; and Crocker Highlands and Glenview to the southwest.

Piedmont’s Community Hall, Recreation Center, Aquatics Center, Center for the Arts and several sports fields are very active and well-utilized. Five city parks and many landscaped paths and picnic areas dot the city’s compact 1.7 square mile area.

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